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Mel's plunge

Well I'm not very good at keeping this blog up to date, but in my defence things have been rather hectic at Joe Jarman Prestige, We are now settling in to our new premises at

unit 2/46 Distinction road


It's so much bigger and has way more parking!!! Still not enough for Joe I think he could fill 10 floor multi-storey given half the chance.

I don't have an office at the new workshop yet so I haven't been there much, also my job in support work is quite full on at present and I've been doing crazy things like organising launch events and signing up to abseil from central park building!

The cars still keep rolling in and out the doors which is great keeps Joe and the team occupied, We've had some lovely old classic vintage cars in which are an absolute pleasure.

If anyone would like to watch or sponsor my abseil I'm taking the plunge on the 8th of November at central park and I'm raising money for a charity called cahoots that organises holiday camps for children and young adults with disabilities.

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Jun 29, 2023

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